Do You Want to Sell Your Car? Ray Price Volvo Cars Wants to Buy it!

If you need to sell your current car, truck, or SUV, you may be pondering the best way to go about getting that done. You may have considered putting a "For Sale" sign on it while it sits on the front lawn of your East Stroudsburg, PA home. The truth is that selling a vehicle can be a simple process that doesn't take up a lot of your free time. People who are looking to sell their cars need to consider coming to Ray Price Volvo Cars, located at 6300 Route 209 Suite B in Stroudsburg, PA. We are always looking to buy pre-owned vehicles, even if you don't purchase or lease anything from us. Do you need to know where we are located? Use our driving directions to find us.

The Advantages of Selling a Car to Ray Price Volvo Cars

When you are looking to sell a car near Mt. Pocono, PA, what is your goal? You probably want an easy and fast experience where you car is picked up by the first person who sees it. It is probably no secret that you would be hoping for market value. We understand this feeling. Unfortunately, you can rarely have that experience in a private sale.

Selling your car, truck, or SUV on your own can be a tough process that takes up a lot of your free time. First, there is the advertising that needs to be done. You need to get the word out about the vehicle you are looking to sell. That can take some time and effort. Next, you'll need to answer any resulting questions about the car.

You'll also need to set up times to meet with people who want to test drive the car, truck, or SUV you are selling. Once they have completed their test drive, they might make an offer. It can be very frustrating to haggle over price with someone who doesn't want to offer you the value of your vehicle.

Selling to Ray Price Volvo Cars doesn't come with any of that baggage. We have a sterling reputation for outstanding customer service. You can expect to get an aggressive offer for your vehicle that reflects market value. Drivers can also count on their time being respected. We offer a quick and easy sales process.

Discover How Easy it is to Sell a Car to Ray Price Volvo Cars

The truth of the matter is that selling a vehicle should be simple. Why waste your own free time going through a painstaking sales process that doesn't have a guarantee of netting you a market value offer for your vehicle? With Ray Price Volvo Cars, we offer you a simple three-step process to selling your vehicle. The steps are as follows:

Use Our Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer Tool

The name Kelley Blue Book® (KBB) has long been synonymous with vehicle values that customers can count on being accurate and up to date. It is one of the reasons that our dealership uses a KBB Instant Cash Offer trade-in form.

With the KBB trade-in form, drivers can get the cash value of their used car, truck, or SUV. It requires that the driver provides some information about their vehicle. Once you have submitted all of the data about your car, you will get its value back in a matter of minutes. You can then redeem that offer at Ray Price Volvo Cars.


Schedule Your Appraisal with Ray Price Volvo Cars

Your next step will be to schedule an appraisal appointment with the team at Ray Price Volvo Cars. The inspection is completely free and there is no obligation to you. During the examination, our used car manager will verify the information provided when you completed the KBB Instant Cash Offer trade-in form. They will also take your vehicle for a test drive.


Accept Your Offer

At the completion of the appraisal, our dealership will make you an offer for your car, truck, or SUV. If you choose to accept our offer, you can leave with a check in your hand for the value of your vehicle. It's much easier than trying to sell your vehicle on your own in the Saylorsburg, PA area.


We Want to Hear from You

Ray Price Volvo Cars, in Stroudsburg, PA, wants to buy your car. Contact us about selling your vehicle by completing the KBB trade-in form today, so you can get cash for your vehicle in a quick and easy fashion.