The all new Ray Price Volvo is located at 6300 Route 209, Stroudsburg, PA 18360.

To request pick up and delivery, please select pick-up my vehicle / Volvo Valet option while completing your service appointment.

Ray Price Volvo Cars Makes Scheduling Your Car Maintenance and Repairs Easy with Our Online Service Scheduler

Are you an Stroudsburg, PA customers who struggles with remembering to make your car maintenance appointments because of your busy day-to-day? Do you have the kind of daily grind that makes it really hard to make a phone call before the end of the business day? You are not alone. Today's modern world makes it hard for many folks to work making scheduling your car services into their day. Ray Price Volvo Cars, located at 6300 Route 209 Suite B in Stroudsburg, PA, understands this and has an online service scheduler to allow folks to make these appointments online.

Making Scheduling Your Car Service Simple

If you've ever wanted the option of scheduling your car maintenance or auto repairs from the comfort of your Bartonsville, PA home, then our online service scheduler is right for you. This tool allows drivers to make an appointment for a time that works for their busy day-to-day. The service scheduler is easy to use and will allow you to make your appointment in just a few quick steps. Drivers who are new to the service schedule will have to set up a profile by telling it a little about your vehicle, like the make, year, and model. You'll also be asked about the transmission type, drivetrain, mileage, and the engine. This information will give our service technicians vital information about your vehicle before it arrives. There will be services to choose from, as well as questions about whether you'll be waiting or need transportation when you arrive for your car service or auto repair.

Take Advantage of Some of Our Exceptional Service Center

Our service center has many things to offer our customers. It is staffed by many factory-trained, Volvo-certified technicians who have kept up to date with all their certifications. They have access to superb facilities, tools, and equipment to care for your vehicle, and there are always service coupons to assist with the cost of some of the most common services performed. The service center has a huge menu of maintenance and repair items that span from oil changes to engine repairs.

Take Control of Your Vehicle's Health

Ray Price Volvo Cars, in Stroudsburg, PA, knows that staying on top of your car maintenance is key to its continued health. Use our service scheduler today and let us help you keep the top-notch performance you expect out of your car intact.