On a military tour overseas? Enjoy exclusive benefits when ordering a new Volvo during your deployment.


Your Military Benefits

Volvo Cars Military Sales has been serving the US military community since the mid-1950's and has sold hundreds of thousands of Volvos to military customers deployed outside the US. The Volvo Military Sales Program is regarded as one of the most comprehensive in the market, designed to make your purchase safe and convenient. The substantial price advantage for military personnel is only one reason why you should not let this offer pass by!


Amazing savings on a luxury loaded Volvo

Custom-build your Volvo and save thousands vs Stateside MSRP when ordering abroad.

Delivery Options

Local delivery, direct shipment or the VIP Factory Delivery in Sweden - which works best for you?

Five years FREE shipping from Europe to the U.S.

Drive your Volvo in Europe up to five years and let us ship it to a US Volvo dealer of your choice.

 3 years FREE servicing

Scheduled maintenance for the first 3 years or 30,000 miles.

 4-year warranty worldwide

Enjoy a comprehensive coverage for your new Volvo (50,000 miles).

 3 years roadside assistance

When driving in Europe, the Volvo Assistance is available 24/7, at no extra cost the first three years.

 No import duty

No U.S. import duty with PCS orders, when taking delivery overseas.

 Marine insurance and customs clearance included

Marine insurance and customs clearance included at no extra cost.

Large network of military dealers near your location

With more than 50 years of experience we have a large network of authorized and specially trained Volvo Military dealers located near most US military bases in Europe, Asia and Middle East. Find your nearest dealer who will be happy to assist you to make your car purchase simple and stress-free.