Explore the advantages to selecting a Volvo car from our Retired Demo and Service Loaner selection here at Ray Price Volvo Cars

Here at our Stroudsburg, PA Volvo car dealership, it's no surprise that our new Volvo cars are the main reason drivers from Saylorsburg to Bartonsville choose to visit our showroom year after year. But if a new Volvo car isn't quite in your budget right now, you should know that you're not relegated solely to selecting from our pre-owned inventory. In fact, you'll still have a great shot at a new Volvo car at a compelling price point when you consider the options in our Retired Demo and Service Loaner inventory.

Volvo Retired Service Loaner Vehicles | Stroudsburg, PA

What exactly are the Retired Demo and Service Loaner Volvo cars at Ray Price Volvo Cars?

As a Volvo dealership serving drivers from East Stroudsburg to Saylorsburg, PA, we strive to provide the best in customer service and convenience to our guests. As such, in addition to our broad selection of new Volvo cars for sale here in Stroudsburg, we also curate a fleet of Demo vehicles and Service Loaner Volvo cars. These vehicles are generally utilized for to provide extended test drives to prospective shoppers or offer our guests transportation while their Volvo vehicles are being repaired at our Stroudsburg, PA certified Volvo service center.

However, as the Volvo lineup changes, we make it a point to rotate retire models from both our Demo and Service loaner fleet to keep the selection fresh. Luckily, this gives you the opportunity to purchase from our stock to buy a new Volvo car at a substantial savings.

What are the advantages to buying a Retired Demo or Service Loaner Volvo car at our Stroudsburg, PA dealership?

Now, even without taking into account the compelling price points of our Retired Demo and Service Loaner Volvo cars, one of the main benefits to choosing from this curated inventory is the low mileage status of these vehicles. Though they may no longer be the latest model year, most models offer remarkably low mileage, many clocking in below 5,000 miles on their odometer.

Better still, you can be certain that each and every Retired Demo and Service Loaner Volvo car is in outstanding condition. Cared for by our team of certified Volvo technicians throughout the tenure of its service, our Demo and Service Loaner Volvo vehicles afford better quality than many certified pre-owned cars for sale near Bartonsville, PA these days.

And speaking of Certified Pre-Owned Cars, it should also be mentioned that our Retired Demo and Service Loaner cars are eligible for Certified by Volvo perks. That means you'll have the peace of mind that comes with a Certified by Volvo limited warranty of up to 5 years with unlimited mileage.

Take advantage of attractive financing options for our Retired Service Loaner and Demo Volvo cars

If you're already intrigued by the Retired Service Loaner and Demo Volvo cars at our Stroudsburg, PA dealership, then you'll love the financing options available for them. These vehicles are eligible for many of the same financing options as our new Volvo cars, so whether you're looking to lease or strike a deal on a competitive car loan, our finance team will be glad to assist you in securing the best deal for your budget. Better still, you can often take advantage of the many new Volvo incentives available at our dealership near Bartonsville, giving you the opportunity to save even more on your purchase.

However, with our selection changing all the time, it's imperative that you take action quickly if you see a Retired Service Loaner or Demo model you'd like to own. Drop by Ray Price Volvo Cars today to see what options we have in store for you.