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Experience New Volvo Vehicles in Stroudsburg, PA

At Ray Price Volvo Cars, drivers can be assured that our selection of new Volvo vehicles have a high standard. This includes the 2023 model year introducing all new Volvo vehicles as mild hybrid vehicles in addition to the plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle lineup we have. Drivers also get the benefit of knowing that with any Volvo, you are getting vehicles that top safety ratings to provide a confident drive. You can learn more about all the options we have here and get started with us at our dealership serving East Stroudsburg, Bartonsville, Saylorsburg, and Pocono, PA!

Volvo C40 Recharge

As one of Volvo's electric vehicle options for sale at our dealership, you will find this compact SUV powered by dual motors that combine for 402 horsepower. It offers a powerful drive and has standard all-wheel drive. You can go 226 miles with a 75-kWh battery on a single charge, and it is able to go from 10 percent to 80 percent charged with a DC fast charger in 40 minutes.

The C40 Recharge seats five and is made from 100 percent sustainable and leather-free materials while still giving you a luxury feel with the latest amenities including its large Google-based touch display and a host of safety features.

Volvo XC40 and XC40 Recharge

Another smaller SUV choice, the Volvo XC40 offers as a gas-powered choice and a fully electric vehicle. With the XC40, you will find two turbocharged four-cylinder engine choices: the T4 with 184 horsepower or the T5 with 248 horsepower. The Volvo XC40 Recharge is an electric vehicle that has a full driving range of 223 miles on electric power before needing to be charged, with its 400 horsepower combined system.

Both vehicles also come with quality touch displays, USB-C connection ports, Wi-Fi integration options, and a host of different safety features to give those in Stroudsburg a premium crossover ride.

Volvo XC60 and XC60 Recharge

The XC60 now functions as a mild hybrid standard, with two engine choices being the B5 with 247 horsepower and the B6 which brings it to 295 horsepower, using a supercharger. As for the XC60 Recharge, it is a plug-in hybrid that offers 455 horsepower and a 32-mile electric driving range on the T8 engine platform. It can be connected to a 110- or 240-volt outlet to recharge, or you can use a public charging station.

Available with all-wheel drive, XC60 vehicles offer an uncluttered design and allow you to utilize a total of 63.3 cubic feet of room with the rear seats folded.

Volvo XC90 and XC90 Recharge

As a larger, three-row SUV choice that seats seven, both SUV options in the XC90 lineup appeal to drivers. It is elegant and showcases Volvo's luxury. The XC90 offers up to 86 cubic feet of space onboard and has four-zone climate control along with ample technology features and the highest level of onboard safety.

As for its power, the Volvo XC90 is a mild hybrid with a turbocharged engine that produces 247 horsepower on one, and 295 horsepower on the other. The Volvo XC90 Recharge offers 455 system horsepower, offers 66 miles per gallon in electric equivalent, and has an 18-mile electric-only range as a plug-in hybrid.

Volvo Sedans and Wagons

Volvo S60 and S60 Recharge

The new S60 sedan is now a mild hybrid, and it has some newer design tweaks on the exterior with new bumpers and wheel designs. It also features a new large, vertical touch display with built-in Google. As a standard mild hybrid, it uses regenerative braking features to provide high levels of efficiency for the gas engine and offers 247 horsepower. With the S60 Recharge, you are getting a 400-horsepower combined engine with a limited all-electric driving range. There is also all-wheel drive onboard, and with a cabin that is spacious and seats five, it allows you to connect seamlessly, and drive knowing you have the latest in Volvo safety which includes City Safety Collision Avoidance, Lane Keeping Aid, Run-off Road Mitigation and more.

Volvo S90 and S90 Recharge

As a larger SUV with more room, the Volvo S90 offers a smooth premium ride. It does this through a double-wishbone front suspension and a turbocharged mild hybrid gas engine with 295 horsepower. For those who want a plug-in hybrid, you can find the S90 Recharge, which offers 400 horsepower as well as a limited and rechargeable electric driving range. You're also going to find a new large Google-based touch display, and features like Volvo Pilot Assist, which monitors you to make sure you aren't stressed or fatigued and can use semi-autonomous driving features as well.

Volvo V60 Recharge and V60 Cross Country

With some updated new style on the exterior the 2023 Volvo V60 Recharge as well as the V60 Cross Country offers an array of new features. This includes Google-based infotainment, a mild hybrid driving platform on the V60 Cross Country, and with the V60 Recharge, it is now available only as a plug-in hybrid. The differences between the vehicles are that the V60 Cross Country offers a bit higher riding height and versatility. You will find features like Volvo Pilot Assist, panoramic roof options, and 360-degree safety are among the amenities onboard these wagons.

Volvo V90 Cross Country

A larger wagon option, the Volvo V90 Cross County is the lone option, as it provides you with a mild hybrid drive across two unique trim levels that offer premium amenities, such as a new touch display, USB connectivity throughout the cabin, Pilot Assist, and automatic emergency braking with pedestrian detection leading the way for your safety features.

Learn More About All Our New Volvo Vehicles in Stroudsburg, PA

Here at Ray Price Volvo Cars, we'd be happy to discuss the different options we have here with you. Our team encourages you to research new Volvo cars and SUVs at our dealership to see which one is the right fit for you. If there is a particular option you want that you don't see here, we can also start the process of a custom order for a Volvo in our next shipment of vehicles. Contact us and we can point you in the right direction.