The change of the seasons is amongst us and we want you to prepare for the imminent colder weather. There are several different services that you should perform before the winter season but we've narrowed it down to four maintenance musts this fall.

  • Fluid Checks The first fluid we will check for the change of the seasons is your coolant levels. Coolant isn't just important to keep your engine cool in the summer but it also helps regulate optimal heat recovery in the winter as well. We'll take a look at your coolant levels and take a peek at any other fluids that might need topping off like oil and windshield washer fluid as well.
  • BatteryOnce it gets chilly, your battery is at a bigger risk of not working. Bring your vehicle into our Volvo service center and we can make sure that you won't need to replace your old battery for the winter season.
  • Tire Inspection and Switch Moving into the winter season it is important to make sure your tires are adequate enough to take on slippery surfaces. That means taking a look at the tread depth you have. When you bring your vehicle to us, we can ensure that you're driving on safe tires and help you find new ones if they need replacing.
  • Inspect Brakes Your brakes are the most important safety element in your vehicle and making sure they are running smoothly into the winter season is imperative. One of our skilled technicians will take a look at your brakes to ensure they can get you through any slippery situation.

Visit Us Today to Service Your Vehicle for Fall

When you're ready, we encourage you to make the short drive to our Volvo dealership where one of our skilled technicians can take a look at your vehicle. We want your seasonal change to be smooth, so let us help at our service center today!

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